Freeze break request: Rename .desktop files back to the 3.6 filenames

gnome-calculator and several of the gnome-games have been renamed this
cycle (five-or-more, four-in-a-row, gnome-chess, gnome-klotski,
gnome-mahjongg, gnome-mines, gnome-nibbles, gnome-robots, and tali).
The issues this causes had been previously discussed [1] but we did
not come to a final resolution.

Since we don't have a way yet to automatically migrate the numerous
places the old names could be stored in user configs, I'd like to ask
for a freeze break to revert these filenames back to their 3.6
versions. The changes this cycle broke user "favorites." This isn't
just a GNOME Shell problem as the GNOME Calculator and games are
widely used on Unity, XFCE, and the other GNOME spinoffs. It also
breaks setups where users have added a Calculator shortcut to their
desktop or set a custom global keybinding to launch the Calculator
(Super+C perhaps).

From an end user perspective, the exact file name of the .desktop
shouldn't matter; it's only sysadmins and "power users" who would need
to worry about such details and it shouldn't be too difficult for them
to use grep (or some other search tool) to figure out that
gcalctool.desktop is the one with Exec=gnome-calculator.

For gnome-calculator, the tracking bug (with otherwise approved patch)
is at
I apologize for not having the gnome-games bugs and patches ready yet
but I didn't want to postpone this request even longer.



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