Another showstopper review for 3.8

Here is another summary of where we stand wrt. to bugs marked as 3.8
blockers (thats the 'GNOME target' field in bugzilla, btw). The list
has gotten a little shorter. We've fixed a few bugs, and I've moved
some of the not-really-blocker bugs off since my last review.

Anybody feel free to take a look and help out by testing or providing
patches. And if this list is missing any serious bugs, crashers, etc,
please let us know too. Keep in mind that Code Freeze is already on
next Monday!

================================================ IMAPx can vanish and
redownload folder summary
Evolution and suspend/resume not really getting along. Giant GTK warning
when connecting to network
Spontaneous dialogs. GOA integration for
Google Calendar
Problems with Google 2-factor auth.

================================================ drop gdm fallback session
Just cleanup - will drop this if it doesn't land by .92 GDM Crashes on login
screen if empty file /var/lib/gdm/run-initial-setup is present
Crasher bug

================================================ gnome-contacts comes
up empty here
May not be reproducible - I've seen it, but it worked for Allan

================================================ Pickup ownCloud
accounts from GOA
OwnCloud feature completion - I'll drop this is a simple patch doesn't
appear before .92

================================================ User panel empty on re-opening
Likely requires a fix in accountsservice Mentions "network"
in VPN reset page
Should be an easy fix, but is a UI change. Will drop this if it
doesn't get fixed in the next few days media keys: handle
language specific input keys
Minor input method feature - should probably drop this. Whenever first
switching to hangul input source after launching application, only
first char is english
Major annoyance when switching input methods. Rui knows how to fix it,
but the fix may be too invasive at this point

================================================ i'm not idle
Suspend/resume related, minor annoyance. Legacy 16x16px icons
look bad in the restyled message tray
Not the biggest problems with status icons in the message tray, unfortunately. login screen: user
list padding insufficient
One of a number of cosmetic issues on the login screen. Sadly, we
should probably drop it from the blocker list re-lock screen if we
crashed and were restarted
Robustness/security issue. If we can't track down the timeout issue,
we should take the existing patch as-is Fittsify scrollbars
Cosmetic issue left, patch available for review. When clicking
Activities, sometimes gnome-shell crashes.
Shell crash. touchpad tap on
screen shield crashes GDM/Gnome-shell
Another shell crash :-( Ctrl+Alt+Tab does
not work in classic mode
Classic mode issue. Patches being discussed in the bug When switching input
methods using the keyboard shortcut and the on-screen-display becomes
too long, it becomes blank and unusable
Serious UI breakage (in a corner case) Keyboard resizing is
broken for gtk+ windows
Regression from the frame sync work

================================================ Test GdStack accessibility
Verify that we don't regress in a11y by eagerly adopting new widgets.
Nice ask for somebody with a11y experience.

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