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On Tue, Feb 05, 2013 at 08:07:09PM -0500, Eddie G. O'Connor Jr. wrote:
> that it might become possible that CINNAMON would become the default
> desktop for Fedora.....I hope and pray this doesn't happen! I am a

At Fedora anyone propose changes. At one point someone proposed KDE, but
that was then rejected by the people maintaining KDE within Fedora. For
Cinnamon, someone proposed it.

While Fedora is free to do as they please, and a default would still
mean that GNOME 3 is still available, I doubt Cinnamon will be a new
default. This because a default implies a lot of things, e.g. enough
manpower to fix things. There is a large group of people maintaining
GNOME within Fedora. Not so much for Cinnamon.

I think Cinnamon is already an option on the latest Fedora. We have some
very vocal people who do not like GNOME 3. I hope the proposal teaches
them what it really means to be popular.

In any case, thanks for your kind words.


I think that is a pretty bad analysis. I recommend (the
articles, the comments are not always ok), or
They are independent and usually do a thorough investigation (no matter
GNOME or any other subject).

> Cheers!
> Eddie G. O'Connor Jr.
> P.P.S. Where could a fella get a Gnome t-shirt?
> cap? mug..etc?  LoL!

We have some of our things on the following shop:

A percentage of the sale goes to the GNOME foundation. We also send
things to people who are in the friend of GNOME campaign (what you get
depends on your donation). See


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