I don't know if this is the proper place to voice my "concerns"....but I just recently read an article about Gnome, and well......first let me state that I am a FIRM believer in what you all are doing! I have been using Gnome on my Linux (Fedora & OpenSuSe!) and I love EVERYTHING about it! It's to the point where I've gotten....my younger brother (he's 37.....I'm 41!)...my older sister....my son.....his mother..(my ex-wife!)....my cousin..and about 4 other people using some version of Linux with Gnome on it. I'm "worried" because I just read an article on ZDNet....that stated that it might become possible that CINNAMON would become the default desktop for Fedora.....I hope and pray this doesn't happen! I am a strong supporter of the innovative and ingenious ideas that seem to literally OOZE from the minds of your developers, and I would hate to have to go in search of a new desktop environment! Sure....there are those who have absolutely NOTHING nice to say about the latest iteration of Gnome, but they are few and far between...I have been using Linux for about four or five years now, and just about EVERYONE whom I've spoken to?...LOVES Gnome! If the possibility exists that you might include Cinnamon as an option for Fedora or any of the other "Gnome-centric" distros.....please make it a SECONDARY option....Gnome is the best out there...in ALL it's versions! It's new......it's "different".....it's "not the same old thing"....but above all else? It's a "religion" to some....and it just wouldn't be right to take their "god" from them! Well....I guess I've ranted on long enough, I just didn't want to see the BEST desktop I've EVER used to go the way of the dinosaur all because of a few whiny, ignorant, and totally "spoiled" people!

P.S. Here's the actual article that I got this info from, (GOD I hope it's just a rumor and NOTHING more!)



Eddie G. O'Connor Jr.
P.P.S. Where could a fella get a Gnome t-shirt?...baseball cap?....stickers...coffee mug..etc? LoL!

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