Re: Is Python 3 migration a feature?

On Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 11:31 AM, Joanmarie Diggs
<joanmarie diggs gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Release Team.
> The other day at the Foundation irc meeting, Matthias mentioned to me
> that "now would be a great time to set up a feature planning page for
> python3 migration." Before I do so, I wanted to double-check that this
> migration indeed qualifies as a feature. Currently it is a
> proposed-but-not-approved GNOME Goal [1].

Hey Joanie,

setting this up as a goal is fine; it is probably a better fit, in
fact. I'm not too concerned whether we call it a goal or a feature.
The point I wanted to get across that we should start planning and
scoping it out now, so we have enough time to get it done for 3.8.

Thanks, Matthias

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