gst-plugins-good 1.0.2


Changes since 1.0.1:

      * Parallel installability with 0.10.x series
      * avidemux: fix handling of paletted and other raw RGB data
      * flacparse: ignore bad headers if we have a valid STREAMINFO header; improve coverart extraction
      * jpegdepay: store quant tables in zigzag order
      * matroskamux: do not use unoffical V_MJPEG codec id; fix subtitle request sink pad name and functionality
      * videofilter: add videomedian element
      * multiudpsink: add "force-ipv4" option and "multicast-iface" property
      * pulsesink: fix caps leak and potential crasher in acceptcaps function
      * pulsesink: start the ringbuffer on GAP events without duration
      * qtdemux: add support for 'generic' samples; allow more streams
      * qtdemux: support more ProRes variants; fix memory leak for MS/RIFF audio
      * qtdemux: with raw audio, set a default channel-mask for multichannel audio
      * rtpbin: set PTS and DTS in jitterbufffer
      * rtpbin: use running-time for NTP time when use-pipeline-clock is set
      * rtpsession: inform source when caps change
      * udpsrc: use negotiated allocator or pool
      * videobox: use out_info for out properties
      * videocrop: port to videofilter
      * videomixer2: Fix race condition where a src setcaps is ignored
      * vp8enc: fix default target-bitrate value; set DECODE_ONLY flag on invisible frames

Bugs fixed since 1.0.1:

      * 654216 : vp8enc: tag invisible frames
      * 682481 : multiudpsink: add force-ipv4 option (problem when streaming RTP to multicast address)
      * 683782 : Segfault in pulsesink.c:2077 gst_pulsesink_pad_acceptcaps()
      * 683842 : Fix race condition in videomixer2 on 0.10
      * 684701 : flacparse: fails to parse flac file with broken header: " Invalid metablock size for STREAMINFO: 8196 "
      * 685864 : Add multicast-iface property to multiudpsink
      * 686008 : qtdemux: crashes in push mode with gst_qtdemux_guess_bitrate: assertion failed: (size > = qtdemux- > header_size)
      * 686046 : avidemux: can't play 8-bit indexed RGB video
      * 686550 : qtdemux: no streams found for, m1v video fourcc
      * 686642 : udpsrc: trivial typo causes compilation error

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  sha256sum: 34762dbd1462dd31b6ca2a01cf6477843c9dc7112e5819cc9d6dd7396b79244c

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