gst-plugins-base 1.0.2


Changes since 1.0.1:

      * Parallel installability with 0.10.x series
      * alsa: fix probing of supported formats, and advertise non-native-endianness formats as fallback
      * audiobasesink: properly handle GAP events (fixing some isses with e.g. certain DVD menus)
      * audioconvert: try harder to not convert or to preserve input format precision
      * audiodecoder: leak fixes and refcounting fixes
      * audioresample: re-enable the SSE/SSE2 code paths for better performance
      * riff: fix paletted RGB formats and msvideo mapping
      * rtsp: make formatting and parsing of range floating-point values locale-independent
      * playbin: streamsynchronizer fixes, esp. for handling corner-cases near EOS
      * tcpserver{sink,src}: add 'current-port' property and signal actually used port
      * videoconvert: fix handling of paletted RGB formats
      * videodecoder: don't leak message strings when error is not fatal
      * videodecoder: finetune missing timestamp estimating
      * videotestsrc: add palette for paletted RGB formats
      * vorbistag: fix writing of image tags into vorbis comments

Bugs fixed since 1.0.1:

      * 580093 : tcpserversink,src: add 'current-port' property and signal actually used port when port=0 was set
      * 680904 : alsasink: no supported formats detected with using USB sound card on big-endian system
      * 683098 : videodecoder: log failure message if acquire_buffer failed
      * 684411 : rtsp: range in SDP formatted according to locale
      * 685273 : Pre-rolling on GAP events doesn't work properly for audio sinks
      * 685711 : audio, video: update docs for virtual functions that require chaining up
      * 685938 : [decodebin] Issues with group switching algorithm
      * 686081 : adder: all unit tests crash now after collectpads changes
      * 686298 : Cannot decode some AVI files with Microsoft Video 1

=========  (15.7K)

======== (2.23M)
  sha256sum: 7ce2c4462ff89f62a82b4503a3788ce2e5077f886e535796fecc223397acf78d

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