Re: Requiring systemd for the gnome-settings-daemon power plugin


On 10/22/12 01:01 PM, David Zeuthen wrote:
But please don't expect others to port GNOME to run on your OS.

I was never suggesting that any others do any sort of port for anyone.
I was only highlighting that the lack of documentation makes things
slow.  I am sure that we can improve the situation with some effort.

Many mature products provide docuemntation to help developers make a
transition when there is a new major release.  I think GNOME is weak in
this area.  The fact that GNOME's developer documentation and GUI
building tools are weak is not a new topic.  Last year I remember
people talking about how to catch up with KDE in this regards, for
example.  Unfortunately, I do not think we have yet even accomplished
this more modest target.

Nah, I really don't think GNOME should be that complicated - we're a
desktop, we're a user experience - we should be more fluid, more agile
than your grandfather's SDK porting kits with committees (or, worse,
mailing lists) having to approve this or that thing. I mean, it's fine
to have this for GLib and GTK+ (and we do [1]) but I wouldn't want to
see us spend that amount of time on GNOME proper - I'd much much
rather see us spend time on improving GNOME or adding cool features.

Right.  So, you probably are not surprised that things are moving along
slowly either.  :)


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