Re: r-t meeting (topics)

[More potential topics added at the bottom]

On Thu, 2012-10-04 at 13:04 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
> Potential topics (feel free to add/edit/comment):
>       * 3.5/3.6 review: What worked out, what didn't?
>       * Potential r-t membership changes
>       * Release assignments for 3.7.x
>       * First comments on 3.8 feature proposals?:
> Not sure if these are r-t issues, but also something to sort out:
> * Is changing gsettings strings covered by freeze break or not?
> * WebKitGTK+ has failed to produce a valid POT file (for L10N) for 
>   two years now. This makes Epiphany (and GNOME) look bad.
>   The problem is somewhere between webkit and intltool. See e.g.
>   I can provide more pointers if needed.

* Security bug reports: There's no real policy and clarity how to
  escalate. Document who to contact and what to do in Bugzilla (e.g.
  restrict access? Though once bugmail has been sent it's out anyway)?

* How strict is our UI freeze?
<andre> Don't we have a UI freeze?
<bugbot> Bug 685919: gnome-shell, normal, Normal, ---,
gnome-shell-maint, RESOLVED FIXED, Make the screen shield look nicer
<walters> andre, well, it's just alignment, not anything substantial
<andre> that's again the "UI Freeze means UI Freeze or not" discussion
<andre> still it's a UI change.
<andre> and with the current policy we have it needs approvals.
<andre> if that doesn't make sense, we should change the policy. just
saying, not that I have a strong opinion.
<andre> maybe something for the r-t meeting...
<walters> so in this case we were missing the doc-list@ cc?
<mclasen> the few requests that came in after .0 have not gotten
responses at all, really...
<mclasen> so I can see why people would be reluctant to ask
<andre> I can also understand it
<andre> docs team is not very responsive

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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