20121104 meeting minutes

Release Team Meeting, 2012-11-04, 18h UTC


 Frederic Peters (fredp)
 Matthias Clasen (mclasen)
 Andre Klapper (andre)
 Olav Vitters (ovitters)
 Javier Jardón (jjardon)
 Colin Walters (walters)


 - comments on previous meeting
 - fallback mode
 - Potential r-t membership changes
 - Release assignments for 3.7.x
 - First comments on 3.8 feature proposals?:
 - Python 3 goal

Comments on previous meeting

Back to the systemd/consolekit discussion.

<mclasen> in the short-term, isolating ck code in one place seems the
  best option - ie what walters already started; move all the session
  tracking to gnome-session

 → walters to pursue getting session tracking into gnome-session

<mclasen> power mgmt (suspend/restart/etc) is much hard, because
  there's no concept similar to systemds inhibitors in ck

 → ack previous decisions:
   - No hard compile time dep on systemd for "basic functionality"
   - example of basic functionality: active session tracking
   - example of non-basic functionality: power management

Future? First list some concrete things that would bring in hard
systemd deps, list of things GNOME could do with systemd.

 → <https://live.gnome.org/Systemd>

Fallback Mode

All agree to kill the fallback mode, plan is now to:
 1/ contact relevant module maintainers & distributors-list
 2/ mail ddl, including a list of technical reasons (there's some of
    that in the feature page already)

 → mclasen to mail module maintainers and distributor-list
 → fredp to mail seb128

Potential r-t membership changes

Postponed topic. fredp to get back with more info in two weeks.

Release assignments

2012-11-14: 3.6.2: mclasen
2012-11-21: 3.7.2: jjardon
2012-12-19: 3.7.3: fredp
2013-01-16: 3.7.4: kmaraas
2013-02-06: 3.7.5: walters
2013-02-20: 3.7.90: mclasen

Feature Proposals

They all look fine, it would be nice to have some new apps in
'preview' state for 3.8.

 → mclasen to ask aday about notes
 → fredp to ask rishi about photos

Python 3 Goal

Time to switch, we should announce this soon, we'll assess things
after 3.7.5.

 → ovitters to send an announce

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