Some deps issues with current jhbuild

Hi everyone,

a quick email before opening, if needed, related bugs or direclty
appling changes to git.

## build colord before gtk+ ##
gtk+ checks for colord availability, but colord is not in <suggests>
for gtk+ module. OK to add it? It seems unharmful to me, but I don't
know if was intentional or just missing

## gnome-shell requires gdm to run ##
Due to recent changes in gnome-shell you need gdm at runtime. The
actual issue seems related to meta-gnome-core-os-services metamodule,
defined in gnome-suites-core but unused[1]. OK to add
<dep>meta-gnome-core-os-services</dep> in meta-gnome-core?

## gnome-control-center depends on libpwquality ##
Another recent addition, now g-c-c has a hard dependence on
libpwquality. Bastien added a libpwquality module in core-deps[2], but
I suspect he missed to add the related <dep> in g-c-c module
definition. However, is it fine to add libpwquality in core deps and
make g-c-c hard depends on it (see comment 12 on [2])?

Cheers, Luca

[2] related bug here:

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