Request: New function in evolution-data-server 3.4.3

I just installed Evolution 3.4 and found a massive performance
regression¹ when it notices that a bunch of messages got deleted on the
server (I archive mail quarterly so thousands of messages disappear at

It was taking about 40ms to delete each one, with individual database
mangling for each message. By introducing a new method to do them in a
batch, I cut that down to about 50µs per message.

It's a simple new function camel_folder_summary_remove_uids() which
parallels the existing camel_folder_summary_remove_uid() function.

I'd like to add this to the 3.4.3 release of EDS. Since it's just a new
function, there should be no compatibility issues... but I believe I
need permission from the release team...



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