20120505 meeting minutes

Release Team Meeting, 2012-05-05, 17h UTC


 Andre Klapper (andre)
 Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias (API)
 Luca Ferretti (elleuca)
 Frédéric Péters (fredp)
 Matthias Clasen (mclasen)
 Colin Walters (walters)

 Javier Jardón (jjardon)
 Kjartan Maraas (kmaraas)
 Olav Vitters (bkor)


- 3.4 Review
- 3.6 Proposals Review
- Guidelines for new/bumped module dependencies
- Bugzilla for freeze break requests
- GnomeGoals
- Release Assignments
- Make live media creation integral part of our process for 3.6
- Presence at GNOME.Asia

3.4 Review

What worked, what didn't? For example we forgot to inform i18n
about priority translations / new modules but overall the release
process went fine.

However we should talk to the marketing team to get their perception
on the release, they read press reviews more than us (at least they
did it a lot for 3.0).

>From the side of accessibility this release had a real positive
feedback, orca users are finally testing and using gnome-shell.

See https://live.gnome.org/AndreKlapper/ReleasePlanningTimeline

[AI] mclasen: talk with aday about 3.4 reception, pain points and
lessons for 3.6

3.6 Proposals Review

[AI] fredp: talk to Seif about adding "finding and rediscovering
shared links" on the wiki

[AI] mclasen: talk to jasper about "Extension Hook Support and

[AI] andre: followup on halfline answer about gdm/lock screen, about
the discussion between Lionel and Allan.

[AI] mclasen: ask marina to update the "Message Tray" feature page


We have no progress in place who and how to accept proposed goals to
make them official.

[AI] andre: look at actual gnome goals, and select a few to
"officialize", bring that to release-team@ for discussion and group

Guidelines for new/bumped module dependencies

e.g. gnome-boxes → libosinfo bump: cf.
totem → mx in https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=655590

walters notes that the release-team should have license verification
as a responsibility, still we are not legal people, and generally
distros only believe their own legal counsel.

About systemd... so far we've been adding patches for either compile
time or runtime detection, we agree to keep doing this, and module
maintainer shouldn't just delete formerly working ConsoleKit code to
replace it with systemd.

[AI] fredp: get a table of exiting external deps and their version
numbers published (ideally from jhbuild modulesets)

[AI] fredp: write down guidelines, with
as a basis (and the feedback received in a previous meeting)

Bugzilla for freeze break requests

See Totem bugs, and

[AI] bkor: check everything is ready in bugzilla, update to a new
version if necessary. (bkor: you can reject this if you want :))

Presence at GNOME.Asia

(Hong Kong, June 9-15, 2012)?

andre hopes to go there, he applied for some talks, and will see after
acceptance if he gets sponsoring; he will hold the r-t flag high.

[AI] andre: have a quick pre-flight chat with aday + rtcm about the
input method integration

Make live media creation integral part of our process for 3.6

We all agree we have to integrate this earlier than .92.

As for the way to get bits on the live media, it's whatever works,
ostree, jhbuild, or the existing fedora or opensuse live media build

[AI] mclasen:  get us a live image before .2

Release Assignments

20120514: 3.4.2: walters
20120604: 3.5.2: mclasen
20120625: 3.5.3: elleuca
20120716: 3.5.4: API

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