GNOME 3.5.2 development release

Here is the second checkpoint on the way towards GNOME 3.6. This is
still an early development release, but we are starting to see the
first signs [1] of new features.
If this gets you excited, you should go ahead and download this
release, build it, test it and let us know how  you like it. We have
much more planned for 3.6 [2], so make sure to check in again for


To compile GNOME 3.5.2, you can the jhbuild [2] modulesets [3] (which
use the exact tarball versions from the official release):


To study the detailed changed between the previous 3.5.1 release and
this release, go here:


The GNOME 3.5.2 release itself is available here:

core sources:
apps sources:

We are currently working on live image for painless testing. We'll
announce them when they are ready.


This release is a snapshot of early development code. Although it is
buildable and usable, it is primarily intended for testing and hacking
purposes. GNOME uses odd minor version numbers to indicate development

For more information about 3.5, the full schedule, the official module
lists and the proposed module lists, please see our colourful 3.5

For a quick overview of the GNOME schedule, please see:

Matthias Clasen

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