Re: valadoc patch for jhbuild moduleset

On Wed, 2012-06-06 at 13:48 -0600, Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> Ah, libgvc is part of graphviz.  Not sure if that's in jhbuild modules
> or not. I couldn't see it, so just installed graphviz from my distro
> and it built after that.

jhbuild is not consistent about having external dependencies marked[1]
but it'd help to at least try adding it.  If you want to do this
"right" in modern jhbuild since system dependencies landed, you
can add graphviz as a module, and hopefully it has a pkg-config
file.  If so, then jhbuild will reuse the graphviz-dev or
whatever from the distribution if available.

Look at say nspr or libcroco for an example of an external
tarball with a <pkg-config> element.

[1] the dependency information in the moduleset is an out of date cache
 of the stuff in in practice, which is really also
 an often out-of-date cache of the dependencies in the actual
 source code.

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