Meeting minutes GUADEC 2012

Yesterday we had a release-team come-together at GUADEC.
Sending a quick summary for those not able to attend GUADEC.

= Attendees =
* Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias (API)
* Andre Klapper (andre)
* Colin Walters (walters)
* Frédéric Péters (fredp)
* Javier Jardón (jjardon)
* Matthias Clasen (mclasen)

= Topics =

* Feedback received on Nautilus UI changes 
 * whether to list on Feature planning pages, if planned before
 * potential improvements in communication (being more verbose 
   in explaining proposals and decisions)
 * make sure regressions are properly tracked and fixed for 3.6
* potential unclarity what r-t does, what r-t does not, what r-t 
  should do
 * self-understanding of release-team: serving the community & 
   getting out of the way vs. expectation to give direction, vision 
   and set targets for the long run
* discussed the "what is gnome" document.
  See separate email thread "meeting materials: what is gnome"
* short discussion about "A bright future for GNOME" talk given 
  by Xan Lopez and Juan José Sánchez Penas in the morning, who 
  outlined / proposed potential plans for GNOME in the next years.
  No "r-t position" on proposals as most of us nine did not attend
  the talk.
* did not discuss release assignments.
  See separate email thread "Release assignments"

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