Re: meeting materials: what is gnome

On Wed, 2012-07-11 at 10:50 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Since I put this on the agenda, I should provide some input. Here is a
> document (largely written by Ryan Lortie, with some edits and
> clarifications by me), which I would like us to adopt as a working
> definition for what it is that we release as the release team.

At a high level, what are we trying to accomplish?  It sounds
like you were motivated by defining "release" better.  But if
we're trying to define "GNOME", isn't that already covered
by existing material like

?  If not, why not?

On the contents of the document itself, first - it *must* mention Free
Software.  Of course, people here are of diverse motivations, but if
it's not Free Software, it can't be part of GNOME.

Or maybe this document isn't trying to *define* principles, it's
more just attempting to *describe* the state of things as they happen
to be today.  This is the difference between the Declaration of
Independence and a news article written about the event.  But if
it's just attempting to be descriptive, then it's going to have
to change over time, and we can't really use it as *guidance*,
which it seems like is the goal.

For example, even just one more talented, motivated hacker
working on GTK+/win32 could significantly shift the reality of the
statement "Most of the people hacking on GLib and GTK+ have expertise in
programming for Linux-based systems. ".   Marc-André Lureau may even be
on his way to being that person...

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