20120711 meeting minutes

Release Team Meeting, 2012-07-11, 18h UTC


 Andre Klapper (andre)
 Frédéric Péters (fredp)
 Matthias Clasen (mclasen)
 Colin Walters (walters)
 Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias (API)
 Luca Ferretti (elleuca)
 Javier Jardón (jjardon)

 Kjartan Maraas (kmaraas)
 Olav Vitters (bkor)

 - Feature progress (and new modules to add to jhbuild)
 - GnomeGoals progress
 - Recent discussions about Nautilus (and feature removal)
 - Proposed migrations (libsecret, gstreamer 1)
 - List of external deps
 - Meeting at GUADEC

Feature progress


- Accessibility on by default: completed, of course we still need to
  take care of any regression not detected yet

- SkyDrive support in gnome-documents: completed

- Automatic Extension Updates: there is a patchset in bugzilla,
  mclasen will ask magcius to update the page [halfway done already]

- Finding and rediscovering shared links: nothing here? fredp will ask
  seif, 3.8?

- Focus-caret tracking in GNOME Shell: there's a prototype, not sure
  it will be ready for 3.6, API to ask joseph to update the page

- Exchange support in gnome-online-accounts: completed, extensive
  testing still needs to happen

- Port pango to Harfbuzz: behdad very positive he'll make the change,
  probably with harfbuzz API marked as unstable for 6 months.

- Input Sources: we try get patches landed for 3.5.4 (so we can have
  it before GUADEC), and rtcm cultivates his relationship with
upstream to get his proposed changes accepted

- Initial System Setup: still in progress; about halfway done, not yet
  ready for 3.5.4

- Magnifier: Brightness, Contrast, and Inversion: API makes sure the
  feature page gets updated, support has landed in gnome-shell (but is
  still tied to the magnifier), it's configured via gsettings, we don't
  have a design for a configuration interface yet, mclasen will try to
  get designers to look at that.

- Message Tray Updates: marina and ana (gwop) are working on this,
  rishi will join them

- Printer panel improvements: well underway, some parts could land for

- Lock Screen: gcampax has patches, halfline is reviewing the gdm
  parts, mclasen will ask fmuellner to review the gnome-shell parts,
  everything should be mostly landed before GUADEC.

- Videos application implementation: mclasen asked hadess

- Enterprise Accounts: halfway done

Meeting at GUADEC

Impromptu meeting Thu or Fri. (probably Thursday at lunch)
Presentation at the AGM.

GnomeGoals Progress & Proposed Migrations

The official gnomegoals are almost complete: (gsettings, xdg folders),
gsettings cant be completed until we have gsettingslist.

Applications are being ported to GtkApplication, getting application
menus. fredp notes we'll probably need to focus on some application
menu usability issues, notably wrt multiscreen.

About gstreamer 1 port: alsmot all the modules are being ported for
the gstreamer folks.

Recent discussions about Nautilus

We'll talk about it on the mailing list. jjardon will send an email.

List of external deps

fredp will write to the list, http://people.gnome.org/~fpeters/ext-deps-3.6.html

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