Nautilus UI freeze break request


We have a patchset in Nautilus that redesigns the "Connect to Server" dialog.
Notable changes are:
- the dialog now remembers and keeps track of the servers you
connected to in the past (allowing you to remove or clear the list on
context menu)
- instead of having the dialog construct the URI manually from the
various comboboxes/controls, we now use an entry box to type the URI
directly. This is more consistent with what other OS use for the same
- we have now a "Browse" button in the dialog directly

There's a more detailed analysis and screenshots in the bug report [1].

Since in the future we don't want to promote the use of this dialog
from out of nautilus, the separate binary for it has been moved to
$(libexec), with the idea to remove it completely next cycle. There's
an analysis on the impact of this in the bug report, but the short
version is that Baobab will probably need a patch to reflect this
change (gnome-panel and gnome-shell are also affected, but the former
will gracefully handle the binary missing, and we want to remove the
Connect to Server launcher from the shell entirely [2]).

I think this would be a nice polishing to have for 3.6, and with this
mail I request an UI freeze break for the feature.



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