Re: Kicking off 3.6 Release Notes

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> De: Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net>
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> Enviado: Martes 21 de agosto de 2012 19:31
> Asunto: Kicking off 3.6 Release Notes
> Hi marketing team, hi release team,
> it's about time to start preparing the 3.6 release notes.
> Last time (see
> ) several things were mentioned:
> * Potentially move from Docbook format to Mallard or Wordpress
> * Better integration with press release (buzzword "synergy effects")
> Any comments and volunteers for this? (I can only volunteer for setting
> up the traditional Docbook skeleton, sorry.)
> Allan, Emily, Olav and Sri have expressed potential interest in helping
> to write the release notes. I will help with some bits but will have
> less time than the last two times.
> Helpful items might be
> (please feel
> free to edit!) and

I'd like to help at least with the accessibility section.


     -- Juanjo Marin

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