Re: gnome-settings-daemon hard code freeze break

Richard Hughes wrote:

> Three potential fixes for gnome-3-2 consideration please:
> Trivial fix, low risk: removes a warning in xsession:
> Trivial fix, low risk: remove two missing refcount leaks:

Both look ok but could as well go in 3.2.1, avoiding a warning on
xsession-errors and a few small leaks is nice to have, but not the
kind of code break suitable the day of the release. I'll let two other
members give the approval if they feel like it.

> Not trivial, complicated, medium risk: actually make suspend on idle
> work correctly:
> -- see for details.
> It's been tested by 3 people, and it probably quite important for
> 3.2.0

On the other hand this looks like a real problem, too bad the trivial
patches were not for this one…  But it has been tested, I'd give +1 on


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