Re: Using Bugzilla for freeze break requests?


> Instead of keywords, we could just add bugzilla pseudo accounts for
> "string-freeze-break gnome bugs", "ui-freeze-break gnome bugs",
> "code-freeze-break gnome bugs". Then to request a break, just cc: the
> appropriate address on the bug along with a comment explaining why.
> Release/docs/i18n team members would just watch the appropriate address
> and so automatically get cc:ed on all the appropriate bugs.

If we do that I would definitly suggest not to add individual people but
the appropriate mailing list to those pseudo accounts. Especially for
string freeze it is often really good to have more people looking at the
added string because you will never know if any language might have
difficulties with a phrase for one or the other reason.

And it would keep things mostly the same from an approver POV as you
would be notified and would get all feedback by bugmail.


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