Official GNOME module set


I'd like to ask if there is any formal process to accept new modules to
official GNOME release sets (and to delete obsolete modules from there).

On gnome-i18n@, I was told by Claude Paroz that we had something like
that before but dropped it for some reason.

(Could you please point me either to the process description or to
motivation not to have any?)

I have concerns about lack of an officially approved list of release
modules. As a coordinator of one of local GNOME l10n teams with little
manpower, I need such list to better prioritize translation efforts. Of
course, our main priority should be an official release set coverage.

But as I can see, now the list is too dynamic to make assumptions about
release set contents. It seems like for l10n Damned Lies stats, we
populate release sets manually, periodically comparing jhbuild lists of
recommended modules with Damned Lies ones.

I find this situation very unusual and bad for such a big project as
GNOME. Let me give you an example.

Recently, Sep 18, 2011, 'aisleriot' module containing 527 messages was
(re-)added to official GNOME release set. Now my translation team is
forced to pay additional attention to these new 527 messages and revisit
the whole translation to be in line with requirements pushed for
official modules.

At that time, we already were in a deep string freeze stage, in 9 days
before 3.2 release. I find it not consistent to push developers not to
add several new strings in their modules but adding such huge modules to
official sets with no much of discussion.

Are there any plans to make official set population process more formal
and beforehand?

(I'm not subscribed to release-team@, so please put me or gnome-i18n@ in
CC when replying.)


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