Freeze break request for gnome-control-center and/or GLib

hi release team,

There is currently a combination of bugs in GLib and
gnome-control-center that's causing a well-understood problem to occur
when the control center is run on Debian-based distributions.

These distributions have a swap entry in their /etc/fstab that is marked
with "none" as the mount point.  Fedora uses "swap" as the mount point.

We have code in GLib that filters out obvious cases of non-mountpoints
from /etc/fstab.  It currently checks for the strings "ignore" and
"swap", but not none.  The result is that the swap partition gets
returned as a valid mountpoint from GLib.


Second problem is that gnome-control-center attempts to iterate the list
of all mountpoints on the system in order to calculate the total size of
the disk.  If it hits an error along the way, it aborts the process and
the "Calculating..." label is left in the UI.  Of course, when it tries
to get the filesystem information for "swap" it hits an error.


The visible symptom is that Debian-based distributions will only ever
see "Calculating..." in their UI.  Either of the above patches on its
own will fix the problem, or we could go with both.  Your choice.

In general, I think gnome-control-center should definitely be fixed
because GLib can only really ever do heuristics at best, and
gnome-control-center should be more robust against other random things
that people might put in their /etc/fstab.


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