Meeting on May 15th 18UTC

Agenda, open to discussion.

- A common direction (discussions on ddl, and my follow-up email on
  this list)
  - Are we aligned on a direction?
  - Do we want a statement out?
  - In the name of the release team, or of the GNOME projects?
  - Would it be the responsibility of the release team, or is
    it more something for the foundation board?

- Review of feature proposals
  - Accessibility
  - Application menu / Actions / Jumplists
  - Backup
  - Color Management
  - Contacts
  - Crypto Glue
  - Quick File Previewing
  - Finding And Reminding
  - Fix Annoying Things
  - Human Interface Guidelines
  - IBus/XKB support
  - Login Screen
  - On-screen Keyboard
  - Sharing
  - System Dialogs
  - Tablets / touch / scrollbars
  - Web Applications Integration

- Misc
  - Opening release team list? (Olav?)
  - Next meeting date

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