Re: freeze break request: gnome-session timeout

Le samedi 26 mars 2011, à 16:07 -0400, Colin Walters a écrit :
> See:
> Very low risk obviously.  We're still trying to debug the ultimate
> cause of gnome-settings-daemon hanging, but 10 seconds here just feels
> too short, especially after all of what we turned up in
> pulseaudio/bluez/dbus interaction.

For the record, I don't think 10s is too short. The fact that it takes
so long to start our stuff is broken.

> Would like approval from vuntz here specifically too.

I'm +1 for this, but on a gnome-3-0 branch only. And we'll fix the login
time for 3.2. Does that work for you?

Any second approval?


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