Re: Restore the "Ask me" behavior on power button press

On 24 March 2011 22:29, Cosimo Cecchi <cosimoc gnome org> wrote:
> The current gnome-control-center Power panel has an "Ask me" option for
> button press. That option used to bring up gnome-session's power off
> dialog, but right now it doesn't do anything.

Ick, I guess I guess to forgot to remove the .ui element too, sorry.

I can't access yet,
so I can't remember the reason for this change. I was just asked to
remove the feature for gnome-power-manager. From my point of view, I
suppose a button press should probably just do an instant action,
rather than present a dialog box.

> I think we need to make a choice between removing the option entirely in
> the control center panel, or re-wire the g-s-d and g-p-m code back in to
> support the feature. I personally strongly prefer the second option
> here; I talked with Jon McCann earlier today and he agrees with me too.

I don't care which option gets chosen, to be honest. I've pretty much
stopped making design decisions for my GNOME modules.

> So, I prepared a patchset that just does that; you can find it here [2];
> ideally, I would like to see this change go in for tomorrow's release
> candidate. Thoughts?

I'll hold off any release until we're either fixed the UI or
re-instated the feature.



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