Re: gnome-desktop commit causes XServer breakage

Cosimo Cecchi wrote:

> Last week I pushed this patch by Ray [1] on gnome-desktop master. The
> patch is intended to make background fade work properly at login, as
> it's explained in the linked bug report [2].
> Unfortunately, the patch, although correct, triggers a crash in the X
> server every time gnome-desktop tries to set a background; I actually
> pushed that to master by mistake, as I had it in my tree for testing,
> and Ray made me notice it was upstream only today (sorry about that).
> So, the options are now:
> - revert the patch from gnome-desktop master and make another release,
> which I would happily take care of
> - test the Xorg patches at [3], which are supposed to fix similar X
> crashes, and if they do fix this too, make sure every distributor ships
> them together with 3.0.
> I personally slightly lean towards the safest revert approach at this
> point.

I would also tend to revert.


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