Re: String freeze break for gnome-packagekit


> Also worth pointing out that the patches will reduce the overall
> number of translatable strings, since it consistently users 'Software
> Install' as the application name in all places, instead of several
> different names.

OK, took a look a the strings and those look good. However, the
translator comment that backed

g_option_context_set_summary (context, _("Package Name Installer"));
g_option_context_set_summary (context, _("Package File Installer"));

are no longer at the (first) position of these strings. In general this
strings don't really sound like a good summary to me. But I would at
least like to have the comments

/* TRANSLATORS: program name: installs a package (or packages) by name
/* TRANSLATORS: program name: application to install a package to
provide a file */

back and updated. The new string "Software install" hardly needs a
comment while it has two different at the moment.

If you fix that, 1 of 2 from i18n.


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