Freeze break request for gnome-panel: dropping drawers (and more)


I'd like to request a freeze break for gnome-panel, to drop drawers.
Here's the rationale:
 - there are always been various issues here and there, and they've
    never got fixed
 - it added complexity to the code
 - number of users using it is small
 - 3.0 is a good time to do this change

This is really just removing code (35 files changed, 53 insertions(+),
4231 deletions(-)), it doesn't involve string changes (it removes
strings but that's fine). From a documentation perspective, drawers were
documented in the GNOME 2 doc, but I don't think they are in the new
doc, so that shouldn't involve anything there either.

(bugzilla is down, sorry :-))

I'd also like to push a patch that removes the popup menu for items in
the applications menu. This actually broke with GTK+ 3 and there was
already agreement in GNOME 2 days that this wasn't really that great
anyway. No impact on strings, and for documentation, I very much doubt
this is mentioned in the GNOME 3 doc.


I have potential other patches coming in for gnome-panel (next one is
killing the compatibility code that migrates pre-2.2 configuration;
possibly moving quite some code around to prepare for gsettings
migration, and maybe even gsettings migration itself)...

Are you happy reviewing all of them, or does it make sense to add some
hard code freeze exception (like starting the freeze next monday for the
panel; I can release a new tarball then, to make sure changes get tested)?



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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