GNOME 3.1.2 release post-mortem notes

Hi, as I have those things fresh in my mind, I'm just sending
this mail, commenting some elements of this release:

* It was delayed: don't know if it is usual, but some module releases
  were made the same day of GNOME release, some of them asked by us
  (ie gstreamer)

* Several maintainers are pissed off, some due last changes on glib,
  others in general. Some extracts:

   Jun 15 19:06:15 <API>    __tim, you around?
   Jun 15 19:06:19 <__tim>    API: yes
Jun 15 19:06:58 <API> __tim, well, just to question about the conclusion of our conversation yesterday
   Jun 15 19:07:16 <API>    about that gstreamer release (yes/no?)
   Jun 15 19:07:38 <__tim>    I'll make new tarballs, yes
Jun 15 19:08:11 <API> __tim, ok, thanks, do you know when they will be ready? Jun 15 19:08:34 <__tim> (but I'm unhappy that you guys aren't screaming at the glib maintainers a bit more, it seems it could be handled better)
   Jun 15 19:08:42 <__tim>    API, later tonight
Jun 15 19:09:34 <API> __tim, yes it is clear that we need to add this kind of things to this release post-mortem conclusions Jun 15 19:09:47 <API> probably we should talk about it on next release-team meeting

Jun 16 18:02:29 <behdad> I'm about to send mail about resigning from pango maintenance Jun 16 18:02:43 <behdad> it's just so much pain these days, for little joy Jun 16 18:03:02 * behdad misses good old days where "make distcheck" worked everyday... Jun 16 18:03:33 <walters> what do you mean by maintenance? like you aren't going to be reviewing patches either?
   Jun 16 18:03:45 <behdad>    walters: not going to make releases.
   Jun 16 18:03:52 <API>    behdad, sorry, I didn't want to be rude
Jun 16 18:03:54 <behdad> unless gtk-doc stops changing its format all the time
   Jun 16 18:03:58 <walters>    behdad: just run make dist then
   Jun 16 18:04:03 <behdad>    API: huh.  nothing to do with you :)
Jun 16 18:04:10 <API> several other packages were also affected by this G_CONST_RETURN thing Jun 16 18:04:30 <API> behdad, but probably I didn't help by saying Jun 16 18:04:34 <API> <API> this G_CONST_RETURN on pango is just a pain in the neck :P
   Jun 16 18:04:57 <behdad>    this goes back to yesterday.
Jun 16 18:05:01 <API> in summary a lot of packages required to move to G_CONST_RETURN Jun 16 18:05:14 <behdad> I figured out my g-i issues, but then gtk-doc got in the way Jun 16 18:05:28 <behdad> and I installed gtk-doc master, and now all my struct member docs are not recognized anymore Jun 16 18:05:30 <API> anyway, we are just now adding that UG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED workaround Jun 16 18:05:35 <behdad> (apparently one has to mark them <public> now?) Jun 16 18:05:44 <behdad> and you have to change @varargs: to @...: Jun 16 18:05:56 <behdad> and perhaps lots other crap that is not work I enjoy Jun 16 18:06:04 <behdad> I just want to write my harfbuzz code instead.

* Some (specifically Owen Taylor) questioned the need of those early 3.1.x releases.
Jun 14 18:39:53 <API> walters, as Im saying Im testing 3.1.2, I'm using the release tarballs Jun 14 18:40:42 <mclasen> building with -UG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED should fix that Jun 14 18:41:12 <ioni> shouldn't that be fix in a release rather than using workarounds?
   Jun 14 18:41:28 <API>	mclasen, ok, I will test that
Jun 14 18:42:22 <owen> ioni: well, ideally, but 3.1.2 sort of snuck up on me,. and I'm not sure I'm convinced enough of the value of early 3.1.x releases (sorry release team!) to drop everything and switch over to release mode

* mx conclusion. Totem has a dependency with mx. So although included
  on the release, I skipped it on the jbuildrc file. Some kind on
  conclusion about mx is required:

   Jun 16 17:40:35 <jjardon>    totem is in meta-gnome-core-utilities
   Jun 16 17:40:40 <jjardon>    so mx is not allowed
   Jun 16 17:40:45 <fredp>    well
   Jun 16 17:40:51 <fredp>    he's the maintainer.
   Jun 16 17:40:54 <jjardon>    do not build it or move it to -tested
   Jun 16 17:40:59 <fredp>    it was already discussed
Jun 16 17:41:17 <fredp> the plan is to have the required parts in gtk+, iirc Jun 16 17:41:24 <jjardon> yeah, and he is free to use what he wants, but then we have to move the module Jun 16 17:41:48 <fredp> I don't have the willpower at the moment to go in that. Jun 16 17:42:24 <API> fredp, ok, I will add as part of the post-mortem conclusions in this long-delayed release

* A technical question about ftpadmin. When I executed this:

 ftpadmin release-suites 3.1.2 ~/versions.

  I got this error:
  Preparing installation of versions:
  ERROR: Module telepathy-mission-control doesn't have version 5.9.0
  WARNING: Module gtk+ has multiple versions: 3.1.6, 2.24.5
  ERROR: Module polkit-gnome doesn't have version 0.101
  ERROR: Module telepathy-glib doesn't have version 0.15.1
  WARNING: Module libwnck has multiple versions: 3.0.2, 2.30.6
  ERROR: Module pulseaudio doesn't have version 0.9.21

Those errors are in theory normal, as those tar.gz are not uploaded o
gnome machines, are mostly on freedesktop. But on 3.1.1 those lines
were also present on the versions file, and those tar.gz not included
on the release. We didn't know how to solve it, so kmaraas suggested
to just tweak the versions file used here, although keeping the one
with all the data on the releng files. This is what I did.

There is a better way to manage it?

* Not really relevant, we can call it the release of
  UG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, as I needed to add
  "module_makeargs['xxxmodule'] = makeargs +
  'CFLAGS+="-UG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED"' to 20 different modules, mostly
  this missing pango release fixing it.

Finally I want to thanks the help provided by other release team
member in my first release, like Matthias Clasen, Javier Jardón,
Frederic Peters and specially Kjartan who probably made more work than
me on this release.

PS: I have sent the announcement to gnome-announce-list and devel-announce-list.
Although I'm already subscribed to those mailing lists, I'm waiting for
moderator approval.


Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias (apinheiro igalia com)

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