Re: [jhbuild] Updated tracker to use git repository not a version which is out of date

On 19/01/11 00:02, Luca Ferretti wrote:
Il giorno mar, 18/01/2011 alle 16.35 +0000, Martyn Russell ha scritto:

About newer versions, I have updated this in the past without needing to
ask first (due to my own ignorance I must confess about the page you
linked above) since I am the sole maintainer of Tracker in jhbuild.

So presumably, I can upgrade the package to 0.9.34 from 0.9.24 without
writing an email?

Basically yes, ensuring a stable (0.10.0, I suppose) will be available
when 3.0.0 release will come. This is the policy we are following for
other external deps, for instance webkitgtk.

Currently the plan is to release in the next month or so, we're already delayed. I am fixing some last minute things like the totem plugin and some others and using jhbuild to do the testing with.

Though I know Rygel and others use Tracker and often ask for more up to date versions.

Since you're happy for me to do this, I will switch to the tarball version of .34 tomorrow.

When stable releases start I will update again accordingly.

Any problems let me know. I will also update the wiki page.



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