Re: [jhbuild] Updated tracker to use git repository not a version which is out of date

Il giorno mar, 18/01/2011 alle 16.35 +0000, Martyn Russell ha scritto:

> About newer versions, I have updated this in the past without needing to 
> ask first (due to my own ignorance I must confess about the page you 
> linked above) since I am the sole maintainer of Tracker in jhbuild.
> So presumably, I can upgrade the package to 0.9.34 from 0.9.24 without 
> writing an email?

Basically yes, ensuring a stable (0.10.0, I suppose) will be available
when 3.0.0 release will come. This is the policy we are following for
other external deps, for instance webkitgtk.

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