Meeting minutes Fosdem 2011

As usual we had a short r-t come-together at Fosdem.

= Attendees =
* andre
* bkor
* fcrozat
* fredp
* vuntz

= conference =
* plan: heavy testing of Gnome 3; decide on remaining blocker bugs
* start defining 3.2 - what is important and missing
* wondering whether to attend? Think for yourself what you can do one
week before release (check rel notes, rel process scripts working, build
marketing materials for later, etc)
* ACTION: who?: Make clear to organizers that we need ssh/irc/git

= Get Gnome's xdg notification spec changes upstream =
* mccann busy with other stuff
* ACTION: vuntz: Create branch with gnome changes and ask on fdo mailing
list for review and feedback
* ACTION: vuntz: Also push other limbo specs

= r-t membership =
* rechecked plans of members when/whether to stay/leave
* agreement on rule of thumb to not have more than two members from the
same company
* ACTION: andre: Contact guenther to ask about status/plans

= Gnome 3 =
* ACTION: fredp: Create wikipage (cf email by murrayc)
* release notes: must have clear message that it's a different way to
doing this ("Gnome3 is not Gnome2. It's a new desktop.")
* release notes: explain not a regression, but design because of this
and that, install extension foo for this functionality
* release notes: preferably have some pages frozen earlier, for
* ACTION: vuntz: Contact UserHelp meeting in March to help on this
(release notes)
* fredp mentioned that could be part of release notes, but no
support for translations right now
* ACTION: vuntz: talk to vinicius about the new website. Cool
to go live on the day of the release?
* agreed on "soft" UI and String freeze for gnome-shell
* agreed on "soft" UI and String freeze for fallback mode if it should
look more like shell (most agreed)
* ACTION: who?: Tell Owen if there is a big change in shell UI to send
mail to r-t and marketing list
* ACTION: who?: ask shell team when to have "hard" UI freeze - expecting
before March
* ACTION: fredp: graphic card survey
* Gnome3 impression at Fosdem: after trying out at the booth, people are
way more positive => videos from marketing important

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