Re: wacom: Use libwacom to get tablets metadata

The git repo is in the 3.4 core deps moduleset for jhbuild. Somebody already added the dep for g-s-d, I forgot to add it for g-c-c this afternoon.

Peter Hutterer and I are the developers, it will be a dep for the wacom driver in the future.

On 12 Dec 2011, at 20:21, Frederic Peters <fpeters 0d be> wrote:

> Hello Bastien,
>> commit 51fcca32ae0198940a2e63d5cbd1f2e0ded0c9cb
>> Author: Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net>
>> Date:   Fri Dec 9 02:54:55 2011 +0000
>>   wacom: Use libwacom to get tablets metadata
> This is a new dependency, unknown to jhbuild at the moment, and a
> quick search on Google only gave me pointers to rpm packages.
> Could you classify it in one of the levels proposed in that email:
> and provide the informations necessary for jhbuild (tarball/repository
> location mostly).
> Thanks,
>        Frederic

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