Re: Freeze break request for Vinagre: Styling fix

On 2011-04-03 10:08, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
Le samedi 02 avril 2011, à 09:47 +0200, David King a écrit :
Vinagre has a GtkHPaned which separates the favourites panel from
the main display. By default, the focus is forcibly set to the
GtkHPaned, which looks ugly (a big blue bar, both in Adwaita and
without a theme).  This can be fixed by removing the call to
gtk_widget_set_focus(), as in the patch below:

Any reason to not do what Matthias suggested (focus for the pane
content) instead? I'm not sure having the toolbar get the focus by
default is that nice.

The pane might not have any useful content, if there are no bookmarks or dicoverable servers on the local network, whereas the default focus in the primary toolbar is the connect button. It's only a minor problem either way.

Also, I'd tend to think this can wait for 3.0.1.

I pushed the patch in the bug, so the change will appear in 3.0.1.


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