Release status


Overall, the status of the release looks good. There are two crashers
for which we might want a new release:

g-c-c crash in printers panel:
g-s-d crash when showing kbd layout:

I've also fixed an issue with the notification area in the fallback
mode: the famous "thin line appearing when an icon is removed" bug.
This somehow got much more visible with the keyboard indicator. If
people believe it's important to get it in for 3.0.0, I'll roll a new
tarball; else, it'll be for 3.0.1.

Opinions on those?

Apart from that, most of the work now is coordination with other teams
to make sure the announcement goes out fine. This is most visible with
the websites, since we need to switch a bunch of them to new servers at
the same time.

See for things we need
to do today...



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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