gnome-shell- event handling freeze bug

Would like to roll a tarball of GNOME Shell with the fix from:

In it. I'm not sure how common it is actually going to be I think
Vincent hit it because he was specifically looking for bad things with
the new scrollbar code, and I didn't run into it with a weekend of

But if it does get hit it's pretty bad - power cycle your computer for
an average user - since all interactions with the shell UI are broken at
that point and it's impossible to log out.

I think I already have a +1 from vuntz:

<vuntz> owen: fyi, I consider this a blocker, since it can completely
block you out and it happened to me the very first time I used the
network indicator :-)
<vuntz> owen: that fixes the bug

So need another sign-off.

- Owen

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