Layout indicator: hard freeze break request / wait for 3.0.1?


I've posted a very hacky patch to fix the color of the layout indicator
in the fallback mode. This is part of the main remaining blocker bug we

Sergey is okay with the patch, since there's nothing better. However he
already release a 3.0.0 tarball of libgnomekbd.

So we have two options:

 - ship with libgnomekbd 3.0.0 (and the bug)
 - push the patch and release libgnomekbd 3.0.1 for use with GNOME 3.0.0
   (need hard code freeze break)

Since I've written the patch, I'll let others in r-t decide what's best.

Btw, if we feel it's important to add a menu to the indicator (to make
it work like in gnome-shell), I can write a patch tomorrow. I don't
consider this a blocker, but if others do, that's certainly doable.



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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