Re: Freeze break: gnome-shell: network menu overflow

Owen Taylor wrote:

> - Hopefully *last* freeze break for gnome-shell I'm going to ask for
> - It's conditional since I need to get another review of my
>   patch, and some testing by other people.
> If you have many wireless networks visible, then when you click the
> More... expander on the networking menu, the list goes off the screen
> and you might not be able to get to the wireless network you need.
> There's a workaround - select "Network Settings" and the network cab be
> selected under the Wireless section - but it's not very discoverable.
> Patch in the bug take a simple approach of adding a scrollbar to the
> section when needed. I think the patch is pretty low risk because it
> doesn't add any complicated tracking logic. There are a few hackish
> low-level layout and event handling aspects but it's certainly not
> the level of hack that there would be to add a scrollbar to a GtkMenu -
> menus in shell are basically just boxes with children.

Of the proposed options, I would have preferred:

    - Some indication that the list has been truncated, and that the
      full list of networks is available in the network settings panel

Scrolling in a menu feels really bizarre, no feedback from designers?


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