Re: freeze break request for the file-roller module

2010/9/15 Paolo Bacchilega <paolo bacchilega libero it>:
> Hi,
> File Roller allows to install the missing packages if a command is not
> available, for example if the user opens a rar archives but the unrar
> utility is not available the user will be asked if he wants to install the
> rar package, this is done by calling the PackageKit service.
> The current code has a bug that prevents this feature to work correctly,
> because the call to the PackageKit service has the wrong parameters format
> and uses a timeout that should be disabled instead.
> The attached patch has already been tested by me (the module's maintainer)
> and it fixes the problem.

Approval 1/2

PS : it is usually better to give the bug number in your request mail ;)

Frederic Crozat

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