Re: external dependency review for 2.91

On 04/10/10 16:33, Martyn Russell wrote:
On 01/10/10 03:44, Matthias Clasen wrote:


I looked over the external dependencies for 2.91 [1]. I've bumped
the recommended versions to current versions in many places. There are
some places where we need to bump mnimal versions:

Yes, tracker is definitely one of those. Actually we've had a few
comments about this in the past. I will find some time to update it
soon. As per our discussion on IRC, I plan to make the version 0.9.x
with a view to bumping it to 0.10 in the next month or so.

OK, just to let everyone know. Tracker now builds in jhbuild for me. To get there the following changes were made:

 - D-Bus requires is now 1.4.0 was 1.2.x (for FD passing in Tracker)
 - SQLite required is now 3.7.1, patches updated to fix missing -ldl
 - Poppler autogenargs added --enable-xpdf-headers for PDF extraction
 - Tracker version updated to 0.9.24 from 0.8.6

All changes are in gnome-{suites-core-}external-deps-3.0 modulesets.

Any problems, let me know.


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