Moduleset reorg

Hello Jon, fellow members,

We want to get moving on the moduleset reorg, but it looks like we
can't find an irc meeting time, perhaps some emails could be

Written down we have those two proposals:

 - Modulesets Reorganization

 - Moduleset Reorganization -- Take two

And there were discussions at the Boston Summit,

It ends with "With regard to areas of disagreement, the session ended
without much conclusions, however, a discussion afterward between a
few parties sounded optimistic and so we may see a way forward
announced in the coming weeks."; but echoes of those discussions
failed to reach me.

Codewise there was an alteration to existing modulesets I made during
earlier discussions,
and of course the modulesets Jon has been working on, currently
available in the jhbuild tree (gnome-suites-core-3.0.modules,
gnome-suites-core-deps-3.0.modules, gnome-apps-3.0.modules and

I propose we don't reiterate old discussions, and we ignore my earlier
attempt, so we can concentrate on Jon sets.

There my first question to us would be "where do we stop?" At
gnome-suites-core or at gnome-apps set?  (btw the gnome-apps set is
currently broken, many missing module definitions)

I tried to go with a quick diff on the list of modules (from
meta-gnome-core and meta-gnome-apps-featured), here are the major
changes I see:

 + accountsservice
 + cantarell-fonts
 + NetworkManager (and network-manager-applet)

 - accerciser, anjuta, devhelp, glade3, gnome-devel-docs (devtools)
 - pessulus, sabayon (admin)
 - caribou, dasher, gnome-mag, orca (accessibility)
 - gnome-applets (even if we still have gnome-panel)
 - gnome-color-manager
 - rygel
 - sound-juicer

Also the idea of "extended platform" was discussed, telepathy and
webkitgtk teams definitely wants to get in, do we go on with this
idea? How should we reflect it in the modulesets?


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