Gtk2-Perl: tarball uploads to master.g.o

I'm in the process of passing over the release engineering job for the gkt2-perl modules to Florian Ragwitz (CCed). For a GNOME release I used to upload the relevant tarballs to ~/gtk2-perl/x.y.z on I wonder if that is still useful to you and if we should continue doing it?

This stunt would not be necessary if we just uploaded our tarballs in the usual way to There are two problems with this: our tarball names and our versioning scheme. As stated in the discussion about this two years ago, we're willing to change the tarball names to include something like 'perl-' but we'd like to keep our versioning scheme. The discussion ended with me offering to adjust the install-module code (to maybe have an explicit option that tells it which GNOME version the given tarball belongs to). I got no reply at the time.

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