Re: Are unstable GNOME releases tested to build on some particular distribution?

On Sun, Nov 14, 2010 at 6:55 PM, Adam Dingle <adam yorba org> wrote:
> Release team,
> I've had only partial success building unstable GNOME releases (e.g. 2.91.2)
> using JHBuild on the distribution I happen to be running (Ubuntu): I've
> found that there are often non-trivial build issues which I need to
> resolve.  So I've been wondering this: before each unstable release is
> announced, does the release team verify that it builds successfully using
> JHBuild on at least one distribution, using the sample-tarball.jhbuildrc
> file found in the release's moduleset?  If so, what is that distribution (or
> might it vary from release to release?)

Depends on which release team member is doing the release. If its me,
then the moduleset will have been built on Fedora rawhide. If it is
Vincent, it may be OpenSuse. We don't have any release team members
from the Ubuntu team, unfortunately :-(

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