Re: Comments on mousetrap


2010/5/21 Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org>:
> So I talked to a few people about mousetrap, and there's no clear
> consensus. The summary is that:
>  + it has progressed
>  + including it now would expose it more, and motivate the developers
>  + there's some work that might happen soon, like a potential merge with
>   opengazer, which would change things a lot
>  + there will be some work at GUADEC, and potentially at the AEGIS
>   conference in October
> My recommendation would be to not include it in 3.0, but mark it as an
> objective for 3.2 to improve our accessibility tools -- it could be
> featured in the release notes in a "what's next?" session, and that
> should help motivate the developers.
> Opinions?



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