gdk-pixbuf now standalone again

Following some recent irc discussions, I have done the necessary work
to split out gdk-pixbuf as a standalone module again. This is how it
started out, in the distant past, before it spent most of the GTK+ 2.x
era inside GTK+. The main reason for splitting it out again are that
we avoid breaking the gdk-pixbuf ABI, which makes live easier for
modules like librsvg or clutter, which use gdk-pixbuf as an image
loader, but don't have other GTK+ dependencies.

The gdk-pixbuf sources can now be found here:

I have just done a gdk-pixbuf-2.21.3 release, and GTK+ 2.22/2.90
releases depending on an external gdk-pixbuf will follow soon.


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