Re: String freeze break request for Vinagre 2.30

2010-06-16 klockan 20:37 skrev Jonh Wendell:
> Hello, guys.
> I just committed (into master) a fix a bug in vinagre which doesn't allow you to use a different port than 22 when doing SSH tunneling[1].
> The fix adds two new strings, explaining to the user how to supply a different port:
> string 1: Supply an alternative port using colon
> string 2: For instance: joe domain com:5022
> So, I'd really like to backport this commit to 2.30 branch and do a 2.30.2 release today or tomorrow.

I know you already have 2/2, but I think these strings could be improved.
What about this:

  - Supply an alternative port by specifying a colon and the port
  - Example: john example org:2022

I think these strings would be a) grammatically correct and b) more
instructive, and c) the example doesn't ‘abuse’ either.

    — Wouter

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