Re: Gedit dependency on libpeas

On 06/16/2010 03:57 PM, Vincent Untz wrote:
Le mercredi 16 juin 2010, à 10:05 +0200, Olav Vitters a écrit :
I'm all for it if it is very likely all issues are sorted out before
we get into release candidate stage.

Hrm, what issues? I didn't see anything mentioned in Steve's mails.

+1 from me, assuming there's no big issues since I now have a doubt :-)

There is no big issue related to libpeas itself (well, there are a bunch of bugs and "nice to have" features not implemented yet, but it's normal at this stage...):

The only issue I can see is related to the maturity of gobject-introspection based bindings libpeas relies to. But pygi is progressing fast, and libseed is already used by epiphany. And those are optional dependencies anyway.

Actually, I hope libpeas will reach enough maturity at the end of this cycle to ensure the api would remain mostly frozen in the future.

Thank you for your agreement.

Steve Frécinaux

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