Gedit dependency on libpeas


The gedit team would like to introduce a dependency on libpeas and libpeasui[1][2] for their current version: 0.5. Both are part of the same package and git repository.

libpeas is actually a lib-ification of the previous gedit plugins engine, which evolved to support gobject-introspection-based bindings instead of the old pygtk, and evolved a few new features at the same time. We made a library out of it to allow other applications to use it directly instead of relying on copying and pasting like it was before. Several other developers from other projects have manifested interest.

libpeasui currently contains a plugin manager widget.

API/ABI stability

libpeas and libpeasui are currently API/ABI unstable and under heavy development, also because g-i and pygi are not api stable too. Given the recent reorganization of the release set, I'm uncertain of what libpeas(ui) should become, but I guess it should become an external dependency.


gedit will now depend on both libpeas and libpeasui. We could make this dependency optional but we'd prefer not to.

- libpeas only requires glib 2.18 and gobject-introspection 0.6.7.
- libpeasui only requires libpeas and gtk+ 3.0
- optional python support for libpeas requires pygi
- optional javascript support for libpeas requires libseed


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